Always judge a book by its cover #1

In a new regular feature ‘Always judge a book by it’s cover’, we’ll be posting some of favourite cover designs from the striking to the beautiful.

01. Babbel by Charles Saatchi

Saatchi, famed art collector and advertising mogul, addresses a vast range of subjects, from Orson Welles to politics and the Seven Deadly Sins in a witty and engaging manner that will captivate you from start to finish. -Mayfair Magazine



02. Ziggyology by Simon Goddard

A great deal of research has gone into¬†Ziggyology. Ziggy becomes a forcefield of fabulation, an imaginative cartography through and to whom all manner of ley lines pass. Ingeniously and entertainingly (rendered). –The Guardian



03. How England Made the English by Harry Mount

A lovely book, very engaging and easy to read. There are chapters on weather and soil and stone, on the history of hedges or the making of suburbia, all of them infectious did-you-knows. Mount is a natural and enthusiastic sharer of knowledge. –Evening Standard