Showcase: Paper Craft

Here’s our showcase of 15 truly amazing paper crafted works to inspire you.

Measuring, cutting, gluing, sticking and folding. And what results. In a digital world the art of paper craft is finding its way, featuring in many contemporary editorials and advertisements. With the creative industry putting a focus on digital skills, it’s great to see so many crafty folk making such beautiful creations. Now, where did we put our scissors…


01. Hika Riba

Hika Riba has a broad portfolio of typography delights. We really like her personal project ‘Highs and Lows’, where she has created a fantastic colouful layered effect.



02. Zim and Zou

French studio Zim and Zou are outstanding craft masters, favouring paper and scalpel over digital creations. They’ve built a strong reputation for making intricate scenes for clients like IBM and Hermes.



03. O. Silva

Having worked for big names like Pepsi and Billboard, Fabiano (aka O. Silva) has a beefy set of well crafted works. We especially love the Great Wall of China below!



04. Hattie Newman

The breadth Hattie Newman’s client list is a testament to the quality of crafted goodness she is able to produce. A healthy mix of advertising and editorial paper craft for Royal Mail, Cadbury, Conde Nast and The Guardian to name a few.



05. Tien-Min Liao

Brilliantly crafted promotional book from Tien Min Liao. It’s full of editorial styles and infographics. More please.



06. Eiko Ojala

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who can scalpel paper quite as good as Eiko Ojala. A truly unique crafting style by cleverly slicing into paper and inserting colourful shapes to make simple and effective imagery.



07. Siang Ching

Siang Ching is able to bring a design to life by adding a layer of 3D paper shapes to build designs into a wonderful feast for the eyes.



08. Bunch

Exceptional brochure design from studio, Bunch. They’ve visualised activities beautifully, creating a series of paper objects with lots of clever details.



09. Daisy Lew

Daisy Lew has shown real skill with her NYC pop-up book. Make sure you check out the taxi.



10. INK Studio

Definitely worth checking our INK Studio’s portfolio. They have a great collection of highly detailed and complicated paper crafted scenes. We love the snaps of how they make it all just as much as the finished product!



11. Bartek Elsner

One of our favourite crafted works, Bartek created a massive cardboard boombox on the streets of Zurich to promote the International Radio Festival.



12. Coming Soon

A very cool bit of work from studio, Coming Soon. They made several life-size scenes our of paper to look like a comic book!



13. Lavanya Naidoo

Loving the detailed typographic creations of Lavanya Naidoo. Especially like her recent work for client Twinnings.



14. Jonathan Shakleton

A very special project by Jonathan Shakleton. He worked with paper manufacturer Fediringo to produce these wonderfully clever showcases to publicise Fediringo’s paper selections.



15. Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya is very well known for her typographic creations. Her client list is a who’s who of top names, featuring Nokia, Starbucks and Bently. And you can really see why with the quality of Yulia’s work, well worth taking a look at some of her paper based art too.